Termite control methods that combat termites so you can feel safe at your property. Our  termite monitoring service includes treatment and prevention – it utilizes soil-based bait stations that are positioned around your structure’s perimeter. The stations are monitored in order to identify any termite activity. When termite workers take in the bait, they also pass it to other termites in the colony, which gets rid of the colony.
We use the  Above Ground bait station in places where observable termite activity is present. This station is put on places like around the exterior walls in order to give the termites faster access to the bait. Learn more about termite control solutions.
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Termite Control, Pest & Exterminator Services Near Scarsdale & White Plains

Termite Control, Pest & Exterminator Services Near Scarsdale & White Plains
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Pest & Termite Control Company. Exterminating services for Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Port Chester, Scarsdale White Plains NY, and surrounding areas. Schedule inspection today for New York pest control near you.

We provide Scarsdale and the surrounding area with pest control that helps businesses grow and maintain their reputations. Pest control in a city requires a high level of preparedness, and we have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs.

Termite Exterminator White Plains, NY
Termite Exterminator White Plains, NY

Scarsdale, NY, is a northern suburb of New York City that attracts a variety of pest species due to easy access to food, shelter, and water. Pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents find their way into the city’s mix of historic buildings and modern-day businesses through gaps in foundations and the eaves of roofs. These filth pests are carriers of diseases and can cause costly structural damage to Scarsdale buildings.
The city’s close proximity to wooded areas leads to an increased possibility for mammalian pests as well. Bats, raccoons, and skunks can all become casual invaders and require professional removal. Furthermore, such mammalian pests often carry additional vectors like fleas and ticks.

Pets, too, can bring home fleas and ticks after playing in tall grasses during the summer months in Scarsdale. The parasites can inflict dogs, cats, and humans with illnesses such as Lyme disease. In addition to fleas and ticks, the hot, humid summers bring scores of mosquitoes known to nest in standing water that accumulates in gutters, old tires, wading pools, and bird baths. Mosquitoes can carry various infectious ailments, including the dangerous West Nile virus.
Surrounded by forests, White Plains, NY, is an attractive place for beetles capable of devastating tree populations. In fact, it is illegal to take untreated firewood into the State of New York at the risk of introducing emerald ash borer beetles and other wood-boring insects, like sirex woodwasps, into the area. Particularly fond of pine trees, sirex woodwasps are black with see-through, brown-tinted wings and orange legs. Residents who spot either insect should report the sighting to local government wildlife officials immediately.
Rats also live in the White Plains area. Contact with rats increases when the winter weather forces the rodents to seek shelter in homes. Local residents and visitors to the area should be aware of potential bed bug problems, as well. Pet owners should consistently check their animal companions for ticks and fleas after visiting public places. Pets and their owners should also be checked for ticks during and after outdoor excursions in nature to prevent the spread of Lyme disease. Contact Pest Control White Plains NY for rodent and pest control services near you

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